PSO GmbH becomes SAP Partner

PSO GmbH is now an official SAP partner and participant in the SAP Partner Edge program . This partnership with SAP is a foundation for high level training and certification programs as well as a continuous exchange of information about new technologies and processes and it is an important milestone in the growth and development of the PSO GmbH. Being an SAP partner means being one of the best within your industry and for clients of the PSO it is a guarantee that we will always advise you with up to date expertise. The training and certification of PSO consultants, involvement in the SAP development process and products ensures up to date consulting.

PSO is able to see how IT will develop in the future, contribute to that future and advise our customers in a future-orientated way.

At the center of the partnership is not only the increased value for the customer but also the improved expertise of our employees and of PSO itself.

The SAP partnership provides a solid foundation for continuous development of their own expertise and is therefore a crucial component in the long-term commitment to our customers and customer satisfaction.