PSO Generic Outbound Interface PA

Producer: PSO GmbH

PSO Generic Outbound Interface PA (Personnel administration)

The “Generic Outbound Interface PA” is a addons to install SAP in SAP systems to run automatically a variety of outbound data export processesIt allows you to determine fully automated outbound information and save it.


It no longer be required lengthy and costly additional programming. The added value of the already existing actions is increased by each new interface and through coordinated and strategic implementation of the calculation of certain information.

A defined sequence of continuous activities can be changed by customizing.

In addition to the existing processes, more, customer-specific processes can be generated by customizing.


Input mask PSO Generic Outbound Interface PA”



You have as usual on the logical databases PNPCE” the selection criteria.

For the “PSO Generic Outbound Interface PA” following selection criteria are available:

  • Employment status
  • Evaluation period
  • Personnel number
  • Personnel area
  • Personnel sub area
  • Employee group
  • Employee sub Group


In addition to the standard selection criteria, you can encrypt after the interface ID, and determine the output format. The following output formats are available:

  • File Format
  • Table format
  • Table format incl. additional information


Additionally, you have the possibility to generate the output in a test mode by activating the check box test”.