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SAP ABAP Consulting

As well as comprehensive process consulting PSO Gmbh also offers technical SAP HCM and CRM consulting with SAP ABAP Objects, based on SAP NetWeaver technology. SAP NetWeaver technology links processes and applications thereby reducing the complexity of IT systems. In the future it will be possible to integrate all SAP software and applications with diverse other systems.

Our SAP ABAP consulting allows you to achieve the advantages of increased efficency and quality through SAP ABAP NetWeaver for your organisation. If needed we can also provide SAP NetWeaver Portal integration.

ABAP stands for “Advanced Business Application Programming” and is an SAP developed programming language. SAP ABAP programming is an essential part of integrating your processes in the SAP landscape.

PSO GmbH provides expert SAP ABAP consulting and development using ABAP and ABAP/OO (ABAP Objects). We can also integrate your proceses with WebDynpro for ABAP (WD4A), an SAP web technology that allows web applications to be developed in the ABAP environment.


WebDynpro has numerous adavantages for your organisation.

  • Simple use and modification of Web Dynpro components
  • Web Dynpro development takes place with the standard transaction SE80 in the SAP development environment
  • Unlimited database and ABAP data dictionary Access
  • WebDynpro development is based on the SAP programming language ABAP

PSO GmbH is specialized in SAP ABAP technical consulting for the core modules CRM and HCM.


  • WebUI functions can be accesed through a clear, modern user interface. Using WebUI it is possible to evaluate and visualize all the data. WebUI adapts to the different roles that each user has within the system. Information overload is minimized and productivity is increased through selective display of the relevant data)
  • BOL / GenIL model (SAP CRM 7.0 uses BOL / GenIL Modell for the SAP GUI. Business Object Layer / Generic Interaction Layer. GenIL is a bridge between the backend APIs (Application Programming Interface) and the UI. For a particular UI, the GenIL will identify which APIs are to be called and how selected data is to be formated. BOL is responsible for the data modelling. This ensures correct data ouput and a faster generation of the UI)


SAP ABAP Consulting in the context of Human Capital Management – HCM refers mainly to the following applications:

  • Payroll functions / operations
  • Development and amendment of infotypes
  • Logical databases
  • Queries
  • SmartForms , SAPscript and HR Forms


SAP ABAP – developments

Our  SAP ABAP developments include:

  • Process Engine for the control and automation of data import into SAP
  • Mass data tools for test Automation
  • Clone Tools
  • IDoc Mini Converter

Our SAP ABAP consulting will guide your project to a successful conclusion through extensive technical know-how in SAP NetWeaver technology. As SAP ABAP Service Partner we can take your strategy through implementation and on to the operation of solutions realised in SAP ABAP.

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