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Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Is your company planning to use Microsoft SharePoint Technology and do you need expert advice on the complex issues surrounding it in order to exploit the full benefits of Sharepoint? Then PSO GmbH is definitely the right place to start. The experts at PSO GmbH offer effective Microsoft SharePoint Consulting in all phases of the project and individual advice on all matters relating to Microsoft SharePoint Server and its practical application.

The know-how of our consultants regarding the SharePoint technology is based on many years of experience in software development and business processes optimisation for various industries and applications.

Professional consulting for successful SharePoint service is indispensable, as SharePoint is a powerful and complex portal with many special features and offers a variety of features for business processes.

In Sharepoint Microsoft has provided a wide range of knowledge work and optimization tools for internal and external cooperation. These properties distinguish Microsoft SharePoint as an optimal solution for the improvement of comprehensive content management. It can be used to accelerate business activities and provides transperency through simple, cross-sector data and document usage.

Benefit from the advice of our experts, in order to take account of the diverse usage scenarios of SharePoint. With our Know-how we can carry out an indivdually structured analysis and develop a solution tailored to your company’s SharePoint strategy.

Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting expertise is focussed on:

Microsoft SharePoint planning and concept

With operational, strategy and architecture planning our Microsoft SharePoint Consulting covers all phases of an optimal concept. The PSO group can assist you with professional advice to analyze both the efficiency of your operation, as well as the capacity of your application environment. In carrying out a major project high quality requirements engineering is essential in order to achieve your cost saving potential long term and to optimize the functionality of your SharePoint project.

In the architectural planning and implementation of SharePoint, it is very important that the planned structure of the server meets the requirements. With our help you can be sure that unproductive costs for hardware or software licenses will not arise.

The service of our consultants combines strategical and the practical SharePoint expertise to connect future-proof technologies. Microsoft SharePoint concepts should be developed so that the system design and the infrastructure can easily respond to the changing requirements of the business environment.

Microsoft SharePoint project and process management

Sharepoint consulting must implement an efficient software development mechanism to ensure smooth running business processes.  Consulting at this stage can help you to analyze the continuous and growing processes and where necessary PSO can also provide modelling and optimisation services.

Comprehensive project management should also be an integral part of your business, in order to remain market competitive in the long term. We can ensure that all requirements are fully covered within the scope of the project.

Microsoft Sharepoint installation and configuration

To meet the individual requirements of your SharePoint system, we develop interfaces and modifications so you can enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint technology. Our consultants assist you in the basic configuration, testing and quality assurance.

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