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The PSO takes advice with regard to your IT Consulting company in the holistic focus, analyze your processes, relationships and interfaces and advises your across the entire IT life cycle. We also assist you in the selection, development and implementation of software. Our extensive portfolio of services in the field of IT extends from process consulting to technical IT consulting.

Our process includes creation of requirement analysis, technical concepts, project planning, software architectures as well as project management and implementation of software through our consulting and development team.

Our technical consulting consits of this following parts:

SAP HCM Consulting

Our SAP HCM helps you to improve your human resource management system, which contribute to a strategic as well as operational success of the company.

SAP CRM Consulting

The handling of all SAP customer processes can be especially supported with the new SAP CRM implementation . The comprehensive portfolio of SAP CRM is subdivided into process consulting and customizing.

SAP ABAP Consulting

Using the SAP NetWeaver technology, processes and applications are brought together, resulting in a reduction of the complexity of IT systems to follow. The SAP ABAP advice permitts you the introduction of SAP NetWeaver in your company. The results are numerous advantages.

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Benefit from our professional Microsoft SharePoint consulting for your business. Microsoft SharePoint is in most cases neccesairy for successful SharePoint service. Numerous benefits such as improving of comprehensive content management, accelerating business processes and data sharing for transparent business processes are provided with the indroduction of Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting

The PSO provides with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting, the introduction of CRM to increase the efficiency of your business for long term. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on a unified customer database and allows optimal access to the current contact.

Microsoft Software Development

The application and software development for and with Microsoft technologies forms the basis for many more profound customer adjustments for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Projects in the field of engineering also can be performed confidently by our consultants.

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