SAP Process Engine

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The Process Engine is an SAP addon for installation in SAP systems to run a variety of data import and automate processes. Sie ermöglicht es, prozessgesteuert eingehende Informationen vollautomatisiert zu verarbeiten und zu verbuchen. It enables to process and record incoming Information, fully automatic and controlled by the process.

Prozess Engine 1

The process engine is constructed generic. The Import data, the steps of importing and their sequence can be determined individually through customizing by the user. For this case the user can choose a variety of available activities. To make individual processes, they can be assembled on the modular principle.

The data base and the logging are adjustable by the customer.

Examples of activities are the following:

  • Read data (READ)
  • Data conversion (CONV)
  • Check data (CHECK)
  • Update Data (UPDATE)
  • Generate message (MAIL)

Within the process frameworks more, customer-specific processes can be generated by Customizing.

Activities that are part of the standard package, may at any time be supplemented by custom Steps. The new created steps can be supplied by the customer individually with program code so that the range of customer-specific applications have virtually no Limits.

Practical example: “Scan and Import of disability certificates” (automatic detection of sickness certificates)

  • Scan of the received informations,
  • Examination of the scanned data and
  • Generating of a text file via OCR technology

Process engine 2

Dynamic analysis of the received data and determine the process by using an indicator contained in the User data.

Prozess Engine

    • Delivery and processes

The delivery of the Software take place via the SAP export files of a SAP transport request and includes all necessary transport objects.

    • predefined processes

About a dynamically transmitted indicator is defined, which process for processing is applied. Included is the process work disability process (AU certificates)“.

Process examples of the solutions PSO Process Engine / PSO scancan be found here.