PSO Scan

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The add-on “PSO Scan” is based on the framework of the PSO process engine. It is a building block for calling, to validate and to restore the scanned data to / from a log table. The log table in this case represents the interface of both.


Conceivable are all kinds of certificates such as scan data from “permits the extension of the ablation end of the annual leave on 31 March of the following year away.”


A report reads the scanned data (CSV format), processes it and stores it in the log table of PSO Process Engine (process status “SCA0”)


With the data validation scanned files must be reviewed and approved for accuracy. This is necessary since a 100% detection never can be guaranteed. During the transfer, conversion and assignments already be made on the basis of AU data to the relevant personnel number.



Left image area:

  •  Display the traffic light status, whether of stored routines according to an error in the AU data was detected or not
  • Display of the AU document name
  • Display deposited under the document name AU-certificate in PDF format


Middle image area:

  •  Double-click on the respective desired AU dataset (left screen area) is / are the resident shownn certificates.
  • About This PDF, Users have the opportunity to compare the scanned AU (within an image) with the AU data of the certificate for correctness.


Right image area:

  •  Here, the AU-process data are displayed, which can be controlled via Customizing.
  • For each field there is an indicator for an error, for example, the “BEGDA” box incorrectly recognized.
  • Search fields to identifying and assigning the relevant personnel numbers. For this purpose there is a search help with appropriate selection criteria.

During the AU-process appropriate technical and functional tests are performed, so that an update is performed only if the correct data is available. Error messages and information can be tracked and analyzed by the log table (field Messages) at any time.

Locked personnel numbers will not be processed, but driven again by a restart functionality.


Performance Tests

There are tests already been delivered, to ensure data quality:

  • Has established a personnel number?
  • Exists the personnel number?
  • Personnel number active?
  • Personnel number already entered?
  • Format for the start date?
  • Format for the end date?
  • Format of the date of issue?
  • primary and / or secondary certificate recognized?

Further tests may be deposited.


Expert examinations

Identification and mapping of the AU absence to the absence subtypes in SAP. (Disease with certificate, work- or commuting accidents, etc.)

  • Reading the process behavior by time collisions from Customizing (collision table)
  • Check for existing primary / secondary certificate(s) in the system


Authorization Checks

  • Testing of authorization object “P_ORGXX”, authorization field “SACHP” at start of the report (Clerk for HR master data).
  • Individual control of the authorization check by document type
  • Ability to exclude users from authorization check by customizing


Process examples of the solutions PSO Process Engine / PSO scancan be found here.