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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading CRM software solutions that offers you and your employees the service to obtain optimal access to current contact data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains efficient functions that contribute for the optimization of a comprehensive customer care, namely to provide the information that you need for communication with the customer.

PSO allows you to increase the long term efficency of your business through CRM implementation. In order to raise your profile against global competition, it is increasingly important to provide excellent customer service to consist.

PSO GmbH can advise you in the creation of an optimal and individual CRM solution. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can build a unified customer database parallel to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. Business processes such as bid proposal creation and service business are supported by this CRM.

The optimized Microsoft Outlook CRM integration achieves a high level of user acceptance and familiar user interface. The employee must not constantly switch between individual marketing, sales and service modules in the CRM system.

Our consulting service fulfills the high requirements of a CRM implementation in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Alongside technical competence our consultants posess a convincing level of industry specific know -how.

The focused consultation taps into a holistic view of your customer relationship management and opens up a a customised CRM solution.

The advantages offered by our CRM consulting cover a broad spectrum. As well as saving time and providing a complete overview of the relevant information, analysis and reporting functions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports the evaluation of prospects and sales achievements.

The main tasks involved in our CRM consulting, are sales, service and marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales

This distribution module includes the optimization and automation of sales processes through CRM. The unified customer database enables marketing experts to quickly access all relevant information using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We can provide sales efficency and time savings through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By means of detailed CRM consulting and evaluation the prioritisation of  sales prospects can be improved.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the optimal software support for the processing of service requests to the service module .

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves the marketing effectiveness of your enterprise with the help of flexible tools for segmentation, campaign control and integral analysis. This CRM module allows marketing success measurement and campaign cost reduction. The advice of the PSO GmbH makes it possible for an individual Microsoft CRM business concept perfectly adapted to your organization and your business processes. Our CRM consulting promotes sustainable customer assurance through the optimization of communication and interaction. With long-standing experience and technical know-how PSO supports your enterprise’s CRM introduction.

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