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SAP CRM Consulting

The new SAP CRM provides a solution that holisticly supports the implementation of all SAP customer processes through integrated approach. With our many years of know-how for customer relationship management the customer-relevant marketing, sales and service processes of your company will be promoted and realized.

Our consulting skills provide support essential to long-term marketplace existence through customer acquisition, cost reduction and improving the decision-making process by optimising SAP CRM usage- as part of the SAP Business Suite -. PSO GmbH CRM consultancy is competent, individually tailored and backed up by business economic know-how, creating the opportunity for long term customer partnerships based on optimal service and advice.

Our comprehensive SAP CRM consulting portfolio is subvided into process consulting and customizing in the following sectors:


Our SAP CRM based solutions provide optimal support for successful marketing processes from strategy through to analysis..

With our SAP CRM expertise, we support you in the marketing planning, target audience segmentation, campaign, trade promotion, lead  and loyalty  management and other important marketing service areas.

The benefits of the SAP CRM Marketing are:

  • accelerated marketing processes through problem free integration of all tasks
  • consistent customers and prospect database
  • ideal use of marketing Budget
  • clear insight into campaign results and marketing achievements for optimal analysis


SAP CRM allows efficient control over the entire sales process and the integration of vital customer data. As a holisitic approach CRM is used in many sales sectors. SAP CRM Consulting is relevant for contact, opportunity, contract, activity and territory management.

Benefits arising from SAP CRM Sales:

  • expansion of relevant customer relations
  • consistent sales structure
  • information flow between all departments
  • efficient sales areas visualisation


Long-term customer loyalty confirms the success of good service. Service is another area where our consultants can use their SAP CRM Know-How to reveal service-related metrics such as service costs, quality and revenue.
Benefits resulting from the SAP CRM Service:

  • extending the service to a profitable business area
  • boost customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • uniform global knowledge database
  • dynamic resource scheduling for optimized service calls

As part of an efficient consulting in SAP CRM we offer  technical SAP CRM consulting and application development  in addition to the process consulting. The application development takes place using ABAP Objects, both in CRM WebUI, as well as WinClient.

PSO GmbH  also provides comprehensive know-how in the SAP CRM self services are with ESS / MSS.

In shared services integration, our consultants can draw on experience in SAP HCM, for example by implementing a CRM Employee Interaction Center (EIC) which allows individual adjustment for the end user, efficient design, delivery of HR processes and services through a central channel based on a shared-services model.

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